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Covid-19 and IBD

Resources for Patients

How is Covid-19 affecting the IBD community?

The IBD Community quickly came together in early March to create this IBD Registry known as SECURE_IBD which keeps track of IBD patients who get Covid19 and the demographics such as age and what medications they are on. 


For general updates and information check out the resources from our friend Amber Tresca of About IBD. 

Dr. Dubinsky Covid 19/IBD talk

Mental Health information and Support


Here is a helpful article: Seven crucial research findings that can help people deal with COVID-19


This article from Huff Post talks about what is happening to us psychologically as the quarantine goes on


David Kessler, the worlds foremost experts talk about normalizing the feelings we are having and why it make sense to call them grief.


Now that we are months into this, many people are getting restless Here is an article about risk assessment of socializing


Here are some resources if you need more support and make sure to  reach out to friends and family. Social distancing does not mean no social interaction. 


We also recommend Meditation and Deep Breathing. The Oak App, has quick deep breathing exercises you can do throughout the day and the Calm Meditation App has daily 10 minute meditations. 

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How You Can Help Others


Our local hospital Cedars-Sinai is taking donations to support the different needs of the hospital workers. They are also in need of supplies. Click here to find out how you can help. 


Local food banks are in great demand. Support the LA Regional Food Bank. Also, World Central Kitchen, an organization founded by Jose Andreas to help in the fight agains poverty and hunger, has quickly pivoted to supporting displaced chefs and restaurant workers and more communities who are in need of food. 

Connecting to Cure recommended sources for facts and support on coronavirus:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


World Health Organization




About IBD:  COVID-19 Resources for IBD Patients

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