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Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program, called Connect2Connect pairs older teens or young adults with IBD with a younger patient with Crohn’s or colitis. Newly diagnosed young patients or any pediatric patient who wants to talk to someone about living with Crohn’s or colitis can reach out to us at We train our mentors to work with their mentee and stay in close contact to ensure the relationship is beneficial. 

Mentorship Combined - 2 copy.jpg
Here are our current C to C Mentors:










Mentor Izzy Eggerling talks about her IBD







Mentor Ritu Gaikwad talks about her work with C to C












Mentor Asher Friedland and his reasons for helping others with IBD and also check out his Facebook Group, Crohn's Teens Crushing It which empowers teens living with IBD. Asher started this himself and it has 2000+ members! 

Email us at to be connected with someone who also lives with IBD.

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